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  • What does do?

    Advertisers want to make money through their products and services but do not have time to reach out to individual affiliates. Affiliates want to find targeted offers and promotions to generate substantial revenues. We serve as the go between for both parties. Then benefit for advertisers is a having a soul point of contact for liaising in their advertising campaigns. The benefit for affiliates is to have access to numerous offers to promote that would not otherwise be available. It is the basis for CPA marketing.

  • What does the term CPA Marketing mean?

    CPA marketing or Cost Per Action marketing is like an internet test drive. Under most traditional advertising mediums, advertisers pay for sales generated. CPA is more like lead generate where companies pay for individuals to test drive their products. The “test drives” vary from signing up an email address to using a credit card to order a free trial of a product.



  • Which campaigns work best?

    That’s the real benefit to CPA marketing is that there is no “one size fits all” answer. There are numerous profitable campaigns that can make sense both for advertisers and affiliates. We also have many different target offers across several different niches.

  • What is the source of traffic?

    Due to the sheer vastness of the internet and number of affiliates involved, there isn’t an easy answer. Traffic can come from search engines to offline advertisements. The key is that you control which mediums are acceptable sources of traffic for your campaign.

  • Can I speak with individual affiliates promoting my ad?

    Unfortunately, no. For consistency purposes, we require that changes made to your campaigns be applied uniformly across our entire network.

  • How are leads tracked?

    We use internet browsing tools like cookies and pixels to register user actions. They are highly accurate.

  • How much in sales and traffic can I do with my campaign?

    That really depends on how robust your sales funnel is. Generally speaking, the higher your campaign converts, the more it will attract additional affiliates.

  • How do I ensure I get genuine quality leads?

    We have extensive fraud detection tools and quality checks to ensure your leads are genuine. False leads are filtered through our system. This is part of the benefit of having a single point of contact.



  • How do I become an affiliate?

    Affiliates are required to pass a manual review. You can begin the application process by clicking here.

  • Do I have to get approved via a phone interview?

    Unlike other networks, we do not require a phone interview.

  • How long does approval usually take?

    Approvals are typically done in 24 to 48 hours.

  • Are there country restrictions for applicants?

    Unlike other networks, we do accept publishers from Asian nations.

  • Can I get approved without a website?

    That depends on how you plan to generate traffic to our offers. Be as specific as you can. Our advertisers want quality leads and it is our job to provide it for them.

  • What are your payment terms?

    We pay our affiliates under the following conditions

    • Wire cheque payments
    • Weekly payments
    • $100 minimum balance for withdrawl

  • Do you allow incentivized traffic?

    On some campaigns, yes. However, the vast majority of our campaigns due not allow incentivized traffic. In either case, adult, copyrighted, and/or illegal content is strictly prohibited. Content locking is generally allowed on incentivized traffic.



  • What does EPC mean and how does it work?

    EPC, which stands for “Earnings Per Click”, is a tracking metric that shows how successful a current campaign is. It provides insight into knowing just how much each individual click is valued for a particular campaign across our network.

  • Can I run non-incentivized traffic through an incentivized offer?

    Absolutely. However, the reverse is not allowed.

  • What are all the clicks showing for that I have never promoted?

    Either one of the two scenarios has happened:

    • The person clicking on the ad did so in a country not supported and was forwarded to another offer
    • The ad expired and the person was forwarded to another offer

  • How does tracking work?

    Our leads are tracked in real time. Occasionally if there is a server overload, tracking may be delayed a few hours.

  • Can I sign up for campaigns or get people I know to?

    No. This isn’t what our advertisers pay for.

  • What are acceptable forms of traffic?

    Acceptable traffic sources are unique to each ad and publisher. Please review acceptable traffic sources listed on an offer before deciding to promote it.

  • Does your network scrub or shave?

    Duplicate or fraudulent leads regularly get filtered not by our network but from the advertisers directly. This is called “scrubbing” and we are sometimes at the mercy of our advertisers. We are being honest when we say it does happen in the industry. “Shaving” is when the network does not count a valid lead. We have a strict policy against shaving.


    Account Banned or Terminated

  • Can I sell or transfer my account?

    Absolutely not. Our sign up process is easy and straightforward. The only people seeking purchased accounts have been banned for fraudulent activity in the past.

  • Can I share my account with a partner?

    Sorry no. This relates to the answer above.

  • How can I dispute a termination?

    We typically give ample warning before an account is terminated. Beyond that, barring extenuating circumstances, there is nothing we can do.

  • What if only some of my leads were fraudulent?

    Sorry but there is no half payments for breaking our terms of service. New affiliates should take a strong interest in generating quality leads for our advertisers that help sustain long term beneficial partnerships for everyone involved. If you violate this term knowingly, you only have yourself to blame.