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As far as advertisers are concerned, most are frustrated with non-guaranteed and expensive results of CPC and CPM advertising. “Performance oriented marketing” can turn out to be a much better alternative for forward thinking businesses. CPA is an optimal model for the sake of buying advertising online since the required actions sought from the potential client are defined by advertiser in advance (sale on website, filling the form, download, etc.) and the payment is made only after that predefined action has taken place. This particular model encourages publishers to deliver targeted traffic of consistently high quality as the only source of earning revenue for them is through the generated action.

Beyond the standards that define CPA marketing,  the Above Max CPA Network can be the source to crush your competitors in the following ways:

Affiliate Review Process: every affiliate looking to enter the Above Max network is passed through a process of quality assurance which in itself is an extensive one. Historically speaking, 84% of the publisher applications that were received are rejected and access to our publishers was denied. In this way, fraud gets limited and the traffic quality stays consistently on a high note.

Aggressive Compliance: One of the main edges that Above Max possesses is that it takes stand against the publishers involved in fraudulent activities as well as deceptive traffic sources. The experience we have assists in locating and weeding out all these scoundrel publishers, once again ensuring traffic quality of highest caliber.

Global Reach: We have a network of more than 4,000 affiliates with a multitude of quality traffic sources. This incorporates the owners of email lists, search engine marketing firms, contextual traffic companies, experts on social media, and the specialists in co registration delivery. With such a diversified group. we can generate traffic successfully for almost all the countries around the world. Whether you are launching an ad campaign for the trial-based offers in America, Belgian surveys, Swiss ring tones, or Australian dating, you’ll get the matching affiliates here with Above Max.